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Ladies classes

Our ladies kickboxing classes are the perfect way to not only burn some calories but also meet new people. These classes have an energetic and lively feel, so you will be sure to improve your fitness levels and also have a lot of fun while you are doing it. This is a safe and relaxed atmosphere, where you will be able to learn new skills and also improve your confidence. If this sounds up your street, contact us today!

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The Perfect Workout

Our ladies group will help you to reach your personal and physical goals. Kickboxing can actually make you more focused and competitive, whilst also being a great stress reliever. Not to mention, physical activity can help to improve your overall mental wellbeing. So, if you are looking for a fun but also intense full-body workout, where you will be sure to work up a sweat in an enjoyable environment, join our group today!

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More about two dragons ladies kickboxing

Fitness & Self-Defence

Not only will you gain physical strength, you will also develop a new skill set. Our kickboxing classes are designed to build up your physical fitness gradually and help improve your confidence, with the added bonus of losing weight. You may be able to burn up to 900 calories in 1 hour of kickboxing! This form of exercise can also help you in the real world too, as it can be a great form of self-defence. You will be able to read your opponent’s moves and learn how to counteract them. So if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, you will be as prepared as you can be.

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The benefits

Improved Fitness
Form of Self-Defence
Weight Loss
Improved Mental Health
Social and Safe Environment
Boost Confidence
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Join Two Dragons Martial Arts Academy

If you are interested in joining our ladies kickboxing group, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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